extreme fat loss

Day 1:   Lower Body and abs

Day 1: Lets get ready to rumble

    The first day of your workouts is often exciting, but also a little intimidating. But do not worry! We are going to be walking you through everything step by step and making sure you're getting the most out of the time you're here.

    These workouts are going to be all about YOU. You will choose how hard you hit the throttle due to the sets being timed rather than reps.

    So follow along as we crush this first lower body and abs workout.. Push yourself until the timer goes off.. And let's get you lean and toned!

    PS.. One of the most common things I hear from guys after following this program is that they wish they took "before" pictures so that they could see how far they've come. So grab a friend or family member, or just go to a bathroom mirror, get into whatever clothing you're comfortable with and take a front, back and side picture and keep it around so you can always look back on it for motivation! You'll thank me later!