Legendary Abs

Day 78 - Advanced

Day 78 - Advanced                  

Its time to add some weight!

3 Sets -- 10-10-20  reps, on the Bicycles its 10 on each side

Dumbbell Leg Thrusts 
Weighted Decline Bench Crunches 
Plate Decline Bench Crunch Twists 
Rest -- 30 seconds
End Circuit

One Circuit Timed:
Ab Bicycles - 1 minute
Rest - 30 seconds 
Floor Leg Thrusts - 1 minute
Rest - 30 seconds
Russian Twists - 1 minute 
Rest - 30 seconds
Planks - 1 minute
End Circuit

    • This is a progressive ab program. Month one is a starter level. If you can finish the exercises in the allotted time by the end of the month, move to the month two program. If you cant finish and its still difficult, just repeat month one until you can complete it, then move to the next level.

      Month 1 = Beginner
      Month 2 = Intermediate
      Month 3 = Advanced