extreme fat loss

Day 8:   upper body and abs

Day 8: length 18 mins                  

TODAY'S  workout: Upper Body & Abs

Round 1:  3 Circuits

Scapular Push Ups - 30 seconds
Ab Bicycles - 30 seconds
Reverse Snow Angels - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 2:  3 Circuits

Tricep Dips - 30 seconds
Heal Taps - 30 seconds
Staggered Hand Push Ups - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 3:  3 Circuits

Side Push Ups - 30 seconds
Elevated Leg Crunches - 30 seconds
Supine Push Ups - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

    • Are you ready for a new week. Start Strong, start hard.Give it your all and you wont regret it!

    • Try with each exercise to do as much as you did the previous week. You may not be able to do more than you did last week as your body is just getting used to this new way of life.

    • So workout hard but don't get disappointed from this weeks progress. The following week should reap the benefits of the work you put in to the first 2 weeks

    • Remember to always stretch before and after your workouts for 2-5 minutes