extreme fat loss

Day 7:   rest or optional hiit cardio

Day 7: Length: All day or 30 minutes                 

today's  workout:  rest or optional hiit cardio

    • On day 7, or day 2 of your rest days, you will notice your body may feel a little drained from the amount of work you put your muscles through. This is excellent news

    • That means your right on schedule to seeing your body change before your eyes. Get some rest and be ready to kick Abs and take no Fat from anyone on your next workout day 

    • If you're a diehard workaholic, kinda like me, then add another HITT cardio today. It's not a necessity, but can get you where you want to be faster. Make sure and do different one than you did yesterday so your body will respond better, if you can.

    • Remember to always stretch before and after your workouts for 2-5 minutes including HIIT cardio