extreme fat loss

Day 5:   Lower Body and abs

Day 5: length 18 minutes                 

todays  workout:  lower body & abs

Round 1:  3 Circuits

Bear Crawl - 30 seconds
Regular Crunch - 30 seconds
Inch Worms - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 2:  3 Circuits

Reverse Lunge - 30 seconds
Reverse Crunch - 30 seconds
Jump Squats - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 3:  3 Circuits

Single Leg Glute Bridge Holds - 30 seconds
Sprinter Sit Ups - 30 seconds
Burpies - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

    • Congratulations! You made it to your last workout of the week

    • Your legs are probably still really sore from your first leg workout of the week, but its good to push though and get those muscles warm again. This wont be as hard on your legs to do because we are including some Abs too, so try to push through the whole workout 

    • Your Abs may be real sore from our Ab day on Wednesday, and thats good because that means you're building muscle, which in turn will burn more fat. Keep in mind when you start using other muscles instead of your Abs to perform the exercise, give yourself a rest and start back on time on the next exercise.

    • Remember to always stretch before and after your workouts for 2-5 minutes