extreme fat loss

Day 3:   Abs & cardio

Day 3: Length 18 mins                  

today's  workout: abs & Cardio

Round 1:  3 Circuits

Leg Thrusts - 30 seconds
Burpies - 30 seconds
Russian Twists - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 2:  3 Circuits

Heal Taps - 30 seconds
Sprint In Place - 30 seconds
Planks - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

Round 3:  3 Circuits

Alternating Side Plank Holds - 30 seconds
4 Way Hops - 30 seconds
Ab Bicycles - 30 seconds
Rest - 30 seconds

    • OK, so you made it to day 3, awesome job! Your first day soreness on upper body will probably be at its worst right now,  but no worries. You are going to give your upper body another day to rest. Your legs will probably be soar too, but we have just enough cardio in today's workout to warm them up and make them feel better.

    • Today we focus on Abs. When doing these exercises try to isolate the ab muscles you are feeling and try to use just those muscles 

    • If you start to feel like you are using other muscles to finish an exercise (normally back, neck, or quads), then rest the rest of the allotted time and start the next one when the time comes

    • Remember to always stretch before and after your workouts for 2-5 minutes