extreme fat loss

Day 27:   rest or optional hiit cardio

Day 27: Length: All Day or 30 minutes of HIIT cardio                  

today's  workout:  Rest or HIit cardio

    • We need to let our muscles recover after a hard week of working out. Enjoy your weekend and get ready to hit it again on Monday.

    • Don't forget: Just because you are not working out today doesn't mean you can cheat on your diet.Keep the diet going strong through the weekends for killer results. 

    • If you do want to add another workout this is the perfect time to add some HIIT cardio. Try at first to do 30 minutes and go longer as your body feels up to it. If you add in one HIIT cardio on the weekend you wont regret it, it will amplify your results by a large margin, but is not a must to still have great results

    • Remember to always stretch before and after your workouts for 2-5 minutes even for your HIIT cardio